Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bike tours of the world unite!

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Oh, wait! We don't want to lose our chains!

I've was in Atlanta last weekend, at a conference with a group of bike tour operators from around the country.

Back in the day, I had to attend conferences, meetings, continuing legal education and seminars. I remember feeling like I'd been chained to my chair ( there's that word again...).

This conference wasn't like that. Conceived by the owner of Bike Tours of Atlanta, Robyn and Doug put together a weekend full of great topics of interest.

Folks came from Denver, Philly, New Orleans, Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta. Oh yes, and Franklin.

Robyn, the consummate hostess, welcomed us to her cool loft in an old candy factory for the meetings and provided home-cooked breakfast, lunch and snacks.

After the morning's agenda, it was time for a pick-me-up--a bike tour of Atlanta. There were 23 of us--including 4 of her guides. What a great tour! Oakland Cemetery, eternal home of Margaret Mitchell,among others, Cabbagetown, Little Five Points.

Dinner first night at Atkins Park, Atlanta's oldest restaurant. Second night, Agave, great Mexican.

I'd never really explored Atlanta before. I have a new appreciation for Atlanta's unique neighborhoods.

Fun weekend! And learned a lot too.

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